7 Practical Items to Serve a Party Salad Platter

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Do you ever entertain kids, or guests with food sensitivities who don’t like or can’t eat certain foods?  When I host a large group I love to serve salad with the toppings on the side using a stylish self-serve salad platter.   However, like me, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on a whole new set of items specifically for this purpose. 


Here is a list of household and kitchen items that you can reuse to make the salad platter more practical.

  1. Pier 1 Wine Barrel Tray
    I searched all over for a wine barrel tray that didn’t cost $200 and was overjoyed to find this one from Pier One for under $100.  It makes a stylish salad tray but can also be used for a drink serving tray, or home decor.

  2. Lettuce Serving Bowl
    I thought the bowl would look best in either white or clear glass for the salad platter.  I settled on a clear, inexpensive Pyrex bowl which looks nice and doubles as a mixing bowl.

  3. 6 oz Ramekins
    These are some of the most useful little things in my kitchen!  I use them as food prep bowls, to make individual lava cakes, creme brulee and small ice cream bowls.  Now they also serve salad toppings!
  4. Small Spoons
    I found these little spoons that hook on the sides of ramekins at my local French Kitchen Store.  They are great for keeping a neat appearance and work well for picking up the ramekin and scooping the toppings on to your plate.  They also free up small spoons that you might need for your place settings.

  5. Dressing Dispenser for casual parties
    With a built in whisk and adjustable spout, this dressing dispenser functions perfectly for dressings that separate.

  6. Dressing Dispenser for more formal parties
    These are perfect for serving homemade salad dressing, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar at a dinner party.
  7. Olive Wood Serving Spoons
    I bought a set of olive wood salad servers in Bellagio, Italy but found a similar set on Amazon.  The olive wood sets are smooth with a beautiful wood grain pattern.  

What is your favorite salad?  

In short, a self serve salad platter allows maximum flexibility for serving larger groups.  You can also serve numerous types of salads as a self serve salad platter.  The salad pictured is one of our family favorites: Candied Walnut, Apple and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad with Maple Dijon Dressing.  


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