Christmas Home Tour 2019

Christmas Home Tour 2019

I am not sure if this technically counts as a Christmas Home Tour because it is mainly the family room but we will just go with that.  We are getting ready to remodel the living and dining rooms (which I can’t wait to share with you) so Christmas decorating was pared down for my sanity this year!   

Do you ever watch Hallmark movies where the ratio of Christmas garland to wall space is 10: 1 and you think “yep that looks like the perfect amount of Christmas decor…?”  Me too!!  My husband doesn’t share the same sentiment but thankfully he doesn’t really care enough to put his foot down.   

In the spring and summer, our family room is fresh, bright and neutral but in the fall and winter I love to cozy it up with twinkling white lights and lots of red.  


Christmas Home Tour Mantel Ideas

I was really fortunate a few months ago to catch a flash 45% off sale at Magnolia (in honor of Chip’s 45th birthday…we love you, Chip!).  I bought the “Thrill of Hope” wall scroll and the Gloria Garland (draped over the top of the mirror).  

Christmas Home Tour family room

My older daughter pointed out to my husband that this room has 5 Christmas trees in it.  I am pretty sure she was telling on me.  

Christmas Home Tour Mantel


Christmas Home Tour decorations


On a rare browse through a flea market (in Branson, MO) I found this antique Barton & Guestier wood crate.  I looked up the name when I got home and discovered it is an old wine crate from Bourdeaux, France!  It houses the one plant that I can get to grow indoors and every year I have good intentions of replacing the pine cones with something more seasonal during the summer.


Christmas decor

One of my favorite items is the red tartan plaid throw from my mom which came  from the Amana Colonies Woolen Mill (this is fantastic place to take kids to see the old mill).  It’s one of those blankets that no one is actually allowed to touch or use…except unknowing guests get a pass. 


Christmas Home Tour Christmas Tree

The Living Room Christmas Tree!

Parenthood got a whole lot easier for us this year because “Santa” no longer comes on Christmas Eve.  Our daily deliveries from Amazon are promptly wrapped and placed under the tree.  No more late night Christmas Eve’s for us!  And I must say we are pretty overjoyed about this. 

Christmas Home Tour fireplace

The knitted stockings were handmade by my husband’s amazingly talented grandma.  They are a family favorite! 


Christmas Home Tour Nativity


Every year the girls cannot wait to set up the beautiful Willow Tree Nativity Scene.  This was the first year that I wasn’t hovering over them the whole time making sure they were careful.  They appreciated that.  And, nothing was broken!  


I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Home Tour.  If you are a Hallmark-ish type Christmas decorator too, I would love to feature your home. Contact me at

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Christmas Home Tour

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