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Can you imagine a gluten free, dairy free biscuit recipe that also delicious, moist and full of flavor?  This biscuit recipe is actually all of that! 

This candied walnut, apple and goat cheese arugula salad is a family favorite!  It meets our gluten free and dairy free dietary needs by being served with the toppings on the side.  My older daughter loves it all and eats it as is.  My younger daughter eats the salad toppings separated out and adds ranch to her arugula.  We all add chicken to make it a balanced, healthy meal.  Don’t be overwhelmed by the homemade dressing.  It is super easy to make and is healthier and tasted better than store bought.  Enjoy!!

What would Thanksgiving be without sweet potato casserole?  I love that it is still possible to eat this treat even with the dietary restrictions we have and it is as delicious as ever!


While I have always loved and appreciated beauty, I married the most practical guy around. Follow along as I share practical but beautiful tidbits from our life.


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